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Girl’s Day Out #2

Hanauma Bay Park

This time we chose to go snorkeling to the Hanauma Bay Park and try to see if we could take a peek at the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa fish, (can you say that again?)  This is as close we got to the Hawaiian state fish…

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a – Hawaiian State Fish

Snorkeling in Hanuma Bay

We left our condo at about 6:00 AM so we could get there early before the crowds 8)

It’s a long way down, but there is a bus that will take you down for 75 cents and a dollar to take you back up.  Smart people. 🙂

After Hanuma Bay we headed to see the “blow-hole”.  I think it was off that day (lol), but the view was breathtaking.

Side Note:  We asked a man to take our photo –  he did not speak English.  It was funny how we got our point across.  We even took his camera and his picture and  I don’t think he wanted us to. 8)


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Peggy told me “Gray hair always looks better on someone else”  She’s sooo right!!! So you ask “Are you Courageous? (among other adjetives) No, just exhausted by the tedious job of coloring my hair. I have been dyeing it for so many years and immediately right after I color it my roots start to show up. I have been thinking for quite some time to let my hair grow gray or whatever color it is – I thiNk I waNt thAt – Hmmm.

Last year I invested in a wig, my thought was I would let my roots grow out while I wear my wig.  One of my sons (Carlos) asked if I was going to surprise everyone one day and just stop wearing the wig.  OK, I did not want to do that, also my sister’s dog barked at me whenever I would take my wig off (LOL).

I decided to go blond and shock people right away, that way my roots will be less noticeable 😉  My hair dresser tried hard to get me silver blond (or platinum blond) but she couldn’t do it without damaging my hair.

My hair is growing these wonderful shades of silver and I think I like it.  I intend to give it a real try.  Oh, why do we care so much? or should I say Why do “I” care?

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May Activities

Fermín preached at Del Cerro Church in San Diego and later we got to spend some time with Uncle Eddie.  With their Daddy and Mommy gone they were eager to get in the car and travel all the way to San Diego to see Uncle Eddie.  Eddie took us to a very neat restaurant, the setting was like in the 50’s, I think the name of the restaurant was “Corvette” to which Losiah liked a lot, he is into cars, one of his grand fathers (not my husband, smile) has a Corvette and he just loves anything that has to do with Corvette.

Sohaila got to ride with Uncle Eddie in his cool convertible.

After lunch we walked to the marina and took pictures with uncle Eddie.  Seanna was in charge and she was telling us what to do, until Eddie lost his valance and the kids jumped all over him.  They had a blast.


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Where Has Time Gone?

Grandchildren with Papa

Oh my, has it been that long?  I can’t believe I have not blogged since May 11th.  Yes I have been busy, but I have missed writing about what I have been doing and such.

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that Carlos and his family have been in California since May – mostly his family, Carlos has been flying in and out of the state to many parts of the country and the world.  I can’t blame it all on them, yes I have spent a lot of time with them, but not all the time.  Heather and the grandchildren (and sometimes Carlos) have been traveling the state visiting with family and friends.

*¨*.¸¸ ¸¸.*¨*

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I have had these pool toys for about 8 weeks and by now the strings that I used to hold them in place, some had come off.   I was thinking it was time for me to take them out of the pool anyway, that the geese had gotten the message that they were not welcome in my pool or that every goose had found their own perfect paradise somewhere else.

This week-end being Mother’s Day, we were out-of-town.  A front had come thru town and my  pool toys were tossed out of the pool.  I don’t know how long the “wild animals” were out of the pool, but when we woke up Tuesday morning there he was swimming  in the pool, I could tell he had just arrived (the water was not messy).

I guess I need to tie down the pool toys and keep them in the pool until who knows when. 😦

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I walked into my favorite beauty salon to get a trim.  While I was sitting there someone mention the wax room, and I thought “Ha, I need my eyebrows waxed”.  I don’t do this on a regular basis, maybe once a year – the rest of the time my eyebrows need attention 😉   So the owner’s niece proceeded to wax my eyebrows.  She burned me!!! it wasn’t bad (I thought), but she kept rubbing the burn part over and over again, I’m not sure what she was doing but it was hurting.  I went ahead, paid for the services and left.

By the time I got to the car it was burning bad.  I told my husband I needed to go to a drug store and talk to a pharmacist.  The pharmacist told me to get some Aloe and put a little tiny bit under the eyebrow so that the Aloe would not get in the eye.

I did not tell the owner of the salon what happened, but I’m being advice to call her and tell her.  I don’t want to get her niece in trouble, but I think I better.  I would not want anyone else to get burn and get the salon in serious trouble.  Now if it would have happened to anyone else I care about I would have been the first one to go back and talked with the owner.  This makes me feel very uncomfortable.

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“Trust, but verify”

A signature phrase of President Ronald Reagan

While we were out-of-town, a few weeks ago, Fermín and I found ourselves with a few hours in our hands.  I have been thinking about visiting our Presidential Libraries and living here in California we are blessed to have two, President Richard Nixon’s and President Ronald Reagan’s.  Here are some of the photos I took while at President Ronald Reagan Library.

I couldn’t help taking this photo.

Marine One

Air Force One

A young boy contemplating history.  President Ronald Reagan grave site.

An authentic section of the Berlin Wall at the Library

A view from the Library – Simi Valley, CA

For more photos just click on my Flickr Photos to the right of this page.

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