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May Activities

Back around the end of May, Carlos and Heather headed for England to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, and we kept the grandchildren.

It was the perfect day, temperatures were in the 70’s, the grandchildren and I packed our bottles of water and headed for the Fresno Zoo.  The Fresno Zoo is manageable, we were able to see every exhibit they had in a couple of hours.  I think we were there about three total, just perfect.

I could tell Sohaila really enjoyed the zoo, not that Seanna and Losiah did not enjoy it, they did, but Sohaila was really into it, she would read every sign and would look and stared at the animals.  She is my animal lover.

Seanna was in one of her funny moods, I like it when she is funny, she would pose and laugh when I would get ready to take a picture and would get the other two involved in the photo.

We rented a little stroller for Losiah, but the three of them would take turns riding in it.

It was a very good day and I was happy to have my grandchildren with me.



Boy, the Condor is one big, scary bird.  It looked like it was as big as a person.





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I have had these pool toys for about 8 weeks and by now the strings that I used to hold them in place, some had come off.   I was thinking it was time for me to take them out of the pool anyway, that the geese had gotten the message that they were not welcome in my pool or that every goose had found their own perfect paradise somewhere else.

This week-end being Mother’s Day, we were out-of-town.  A front had come thru town and my  pool toys were tossed out of the pool.  I don’t know how long the “wild animals” were out of the pool, but when we woke up Tuesday morning there he was swimming  in the pool, I could tell he had just arrived (the water was not messy).

I guess I need to tie down the pool toys and keep them in the pool until who knows when. 😦

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And the geese are going to Canada  –  or not!!!  Instead they decided to stay here in Fresno, in my pool to be exact.  Out of the 15 years we lived in this house, LAST year Mr. & Mrs. Geese decided to spend some time in our pool.  At first I thought they were so cute, “Geese in my backyard! maybe they’ll still be here when my grandchildren arrive.”

It did not take long to experience the destruction of the pool.  I did some research and did you know that geese poop every 6 to 8 minutes and that they poop about 2 lbs. a day?  And they like to eat slugs, leaving the shells in the pool for the sweeper to pick up and deposit them in the filters which they….  You get the picture.

This Spring they came back, and they look like the same couple!!!  Mr. & Mrs. Geese spent the night in the pool and by morning it was a big mess.  Went back to cyberspace to find some help.  Someone wanted to sell me a silhouette of a dog for $70 plus dollars.  Getting a real dog was out of the question since we travel a lot, and my husband running out to scare them off, well it would work for a while but they always came back after an hour or so.  Somewhere in cyberspace I read about putting some beach balls in the pool, I thought the wind would blow them away or bunch them all up in one corner of the pool.  So I decided to get some mean looking pool toys and tied them down.  I did and… Ta Daaaa, so far so good, they have not returned!!!  I hope I’m not singing a victory song too soon and the geese realized that the mean looking shark and alligator are just inflatable toys.

Two angel fish, one mean looking shark and an alligator.

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Floral Tribute

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to Nelli Anzaldi’s funeral, a pastor’s wife.  She left behind a husband, a daughter and a son.  I should not be amazed at their faith, but I was.  Oh yes, they were sad; they loved her so much and they were going to miss her, but what was most evident was their assurance that she was now whole and not hurting and that some day they will all be together.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  John 14:27

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Tres PastoresMario Soloria (Pastor) Fermin Whittaker and Mike Solorio (Associate Pastor)

On Sunday, Fermin preached at Iglesia Bautista Nueva Esperanza in Madera.  What enthusiasm this church has, it was contagious, their singing, the way they greeted their visitors, their response to the message, very loving church.  Fermin preached his heart out and the Lord blessed it.  At least two came to the saving knowledge of Christ and many more come for prayer.

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I been told several times “Be careful with people you meet in the Internet world”.  Today my blogging friend Delaine and I met face to face for the first time.  She is just as she is in her blog, very transparent, (I liked that) we immediately recognized each other, we hugged and had a wonderful time over lunch.  Not having done this type of thing before – I was nervous, not that she was a dangerous person, but that I would disappoint her when we met.  I think she liked me OK.

Of course we brought our cameras and asked our server to take a picture of us.  Until next time Delaine.


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Can you see the hail?

Here in California we have been in a severe drought for a number of years.  Yesterday afternoon we started to get some rain, then hail, we even  got thunder and lighting.   I don’t hear anybody complaining.

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Last Tuesday I became a fan of our Mayor Ashley Swearengin, our Fresno Mayor, I could tell she has a heart for the city of Fresno.  Her and her husband sat at our table and shared her dreams and hopes.

Sorry, no pictures of the event 😦  I don’t know what took over me, I felt intimidated taking my camera out and taking pictures.  Fermin was used by God preaching to a full room.   There were at least five  tables full  of our  friends,  I felt loved.   The  breakfast  started  at  6:30 am! and they were there present and accounted for.  I really appreciated all of you getting up so early to be there.  Thank you.

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