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Girl’s Day Out #2

Hanauma Bay Park

This time we chose to go snorkeling to the Hanauma Bay Park and try to see if we could take a peek at the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa fish, (can you say that again?)  This is as close we got to the Hawaiian state fish…

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a – Hawaiian State Fish

Snorkeling in Hanuma Bay

We left our condo at about 6:00 AM so we could get there early before the crowds 8)

It’s a long way down, but there is a bus that will take you down for 75 cents and a dollar to take you back up.  Smart people. 🙂

After Hanuma Bay we headed to see the “blow-hole”.  I think it was off that day (lol), but the view was breathtaking.

Side Note:  We asked a man to take our photo –  he did not speak English.  It was funny how we got our point across.  We even took his camera and his picture and  I don’t think he wanted us to. 8)


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On top of Diamond Head

While we were in Hawaii this summer and after both of our boys returned back to the main land early in the week, Fermin and Losiah decided to spend some “boy time” while we girls spent some “girl time” and on our first outing decided to go and hike Diamond Head.  I have wanted to do this since the first time I visited Hawaii, back in the 80’s, but never had anyone that wanted to do it with me – and believe me I have been to Hawaii many, many times since then.

So Heather, Sohaila, Seanna and I packed some sandwiches and drinks and headed to Diamond Head – boy I almost did not make it, but the girls kept encouraging me to continue and I finally made it to the top of Diamond Head!!!.  What an accomplishment!!! it felt so good to be on top of that volcano and with my girls!  I will never forget that experience!  Thank you Heather for facilitating this experience and thank you Honey for spending one on one time with Losiah.

Here are just some of the photos we all took on that hike.

Just before the hike

Am I smiling? It must be because Sohaila is helping me (LOL)

See those steps? I also had to climb them!  “Yes, Heather, I’m OK, Go ahead, I’ll catch up with you guys”

Went through a dark tunnel.

Yes!!! They made it to the top!!

My arms are not as high as theirs, but I also made it!!! God is soooo good!!!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice – Sweet ending to a great day!!!

The Bible tells us to “Be strong and courageous” I’m trying Lord!

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May Activities

Back around the end of May, Carlos and Heather headed for England to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, and we kept the grandchildren.

It was the perfect day, temperatures were in the 70’s, the grandchildren and I packed our bottles of water and headed for the Fresno Zoo.  The Fresno Zoo is manageable, we were able to see every exhibit they had in a couple of hours.  I think we were there about three total, just perfect.

I could tell Sohaila really enjoyed the zoo, not that Seanna and Losiah did not enjoy it, they did, but Sohaila was really into it, she would read every sign and would look and stared at the animals.  She is my animal lover.

Seanna was in one of her funny moods, I like it when she is funny, she would pose and laugh when I would get ready to take a picture and would get the other two involved in the photo.

We rented a little stroller for Losiah, but the three of them would take turns riding in it.

It was a very good day and I was happy to have my grandchildren with me.



Boy, the Condor is one big, scary bird.  It looked like it was as big as a person.




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May Activities

Fermín preached at Del Cerro Church in San Diego and later we got to spend some time with Uncle Eddie.  With their Daddy and Mommy gone they were eager to get in the car and travel all the way to San Diego to see Uncle Eddie.  Eddie took us to a very neat restaurant, the setting was like in the 50’s, I think the name of the restaurant was “Corvette” to which Losiah liked a lot, he is into cars, one of his grand fathers (not my husband, smile) has a Corvette and he just loves anything that has to do with Corvette.

Sohaila got to ride with Uncle Eddie in his cool convertible.

After lunch we walked to the marina and took pictures with uncle Eddie.  Seanna was in charge and she was telling us what to do, until Eddie lost his valance and the kids jumped all over him.  They had a blast.


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Most people have forgotten what they got for Christmas.  It happens almost right after Christmas.  The newness of the gifts wares off rather quickly after daydreaming for weeks of the things we asked and wished for Christmas.

Christmas 2009 was a special Christmas.  Our three grandchildren, with their parents help, made special books for each grandparent.  Each one of them drew pictures, colored them, and wrote something special about each one of us.

Thank you Carlos, Heather, Sohaila, Seanna and Losiah for making the best Christmas present.  I love you each one of you so very much.

•*¨*•.¸¸❤❤¸.•*¨* ·

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♥  ♥  ♥

My little organizer granddaughter, Seanna, asked me if I like to organize, I think she was offering her help, so in her honor I need to get somehow organized before she comes back and checks 😉 ♥

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Carlos, Heather and the grandkids left yesterday afternoon.  I started to take the Christmas Tree down and this morning the house seems quite, too quite.  I miss them already ♥

He got so many toys, and he loved playing with all of them but look at him right then, he was having fun with a simple cardboard box.

A special moment.

“Papa, are you paying attention?”   I think Fermin is getting somekind of a lesson.

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