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I have had these pool toys for about 8 weeks and by now the strings that I used to hold them in place, some had come off.   I was thinking it was time for me to take them out of the pool anyway, that the geese had gotten the message that they were not welcome in my pool or that every goose had found their own perfect paradise somewhere else.

This week-end being Mother’s Day, we were out-of-town.  A front had come thru town and my  pool toys were tossed out of the pool.  I don’t know how long the “wild animals” were out of the pool, but when we woke up Tuesday morning there he was swimming  in the pool, I could tell he had just arrived (the water was not messy).

I guess I need to tie down the pool toys and keep them in the pool until who knows when. 😦


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This is what we were doing while the earthquake was happening.  It was Easter Sunday afternoon and we were also celebrating my nephew’s 7th birthday.

I was taking pictures, not listening to what people were saying and everyone was turning and looking towards the pool, then I thought I was feeling dizzy.  The pool was splashing water and the ground was moving!!!

Notice the wet area around the pool and the water coming out of the filter.

Right after the earthquake finished shaking us all, my nephew got back to what was on his mind and we followed and started to sing Happy Birthday to him *¨*.¸¸*.¸ 

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And the geese are going to Canada  –  or not!!!  Instead they decided to stay here in Fresno, in my pool to be exact.  Out of the 15 years we lived in this house, LAST year Mr. & Mrs. Geese decided to spend some time in our pool.  At first I thought they were so cute, “Geese in my backyard! maybe they’ll still be here when my grandchildren arrive.”

It did not take long to experience the destruction of the pool.  I did some research and did you know that geese poop every 6 to 8 minutes and that they poop about 2 lbs. a day?  And they like to eat slugs, leaving the shells in the pool for the sweeper to pick up and deposit them in the filters which they….  You get the picture.

This Spring they came back, and they look like the same couple!!!  Mr. & Mrs. Geese spent the night in the pool and by morning it was a big mess.  Went back to cyberspace to find some help.  Someone wanted to sell me a silhouette of a dog for $70 plus dollars.  Getting a real dog was out of the question since we travel a lot, and my husband running out to scare them off, well it would work for a while but they always came back after an hour or so.  Somewhere in cyberspace I read about putting some beach balls in the pool, I thought the wind would blow them away or bunch them all up in one corner of the pool.  So I decided to get some mean looking pool toys and tied them down.  I did and… Ta Daaaa, so far so good, they have not returned!!!  I hope I’m not singing a victory song too soon and the geese realized that the mean looking shark and alligator are just inflatable toys.

Two angel fish, one mean looking shark and an alligator.

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Big Ben – London, England

Someone said “Time change next week-end” already?

That means getting up in the dark, but what I like is that the days seem to be longer, and that springtime is almost here.

Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time.  Colossians 4:5

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No I Did Not!!!!

I understand December 14 is one the busiest day for the Post Office, maybe that had something to do with what happened to me.  I was there to send my out of the country Christmas cards and the lady behind the counter gave me way more stamps than I paid for.  When I realized it I immediately went back to return them.  All I said is “I purchased 6 and you gave me 17 stamps, here”  The look I got was “how dare you come back to tell me I made a mistake”.  That happens almost every time I return something that was given to me by mistake – whether is extra change, or I was not charged for something I bought.  I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but at the same time I got something I did not pay for.

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I’m one of those people that collets Christmas ornaments.  Wherever I go I try to find a Christmas ornament as keepsakes.  These ladies are from Russia.

And this last one I picked up in Puerto Rico.  When I brought it home I took the sticker price off, just underneath it said “made in China”, oh well.  These are a few of my favorite ornaments.

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Old Lady CarmenWhen I saw this picture, I could not stop laughing.  I saw myself.  I’m sure it is me and I love taking every single picture.

Now go out and have some fun – take some pictures! 😉

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