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These photos were taken from Chuck’s Steak House.  They had a great deal for dinner – from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. you could eat for what you would pay at Mimi’s Cafe.  And yes, the food was very good.

SB Harbor ASB Harbor BSB Harbor C

BTW this is my 300th post!!!  I didn’t think this blog would come this far.


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Some State Executive Directors Wives and State Editors Wives


Lunch at the Texas Nation, Marble Falls, TX


Texas Nation a wonderful restaurant.  Two of my friends had the Chicken Salad Sandwich and they loved it,  I had the Granny Smith and Pecan Salad with Grilled Chicken and it was out of this world.  If you ever are in the area, I recommend this restaurant highly.  Did I say I liked this restaurant?

Our entertainment for the evening

entretainmentThe Blue Brothers?

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noemime2Great food, great friend and a great sale, all in one day!

Noemi and I live in the same city, we try to get together to have lunch, but we are not successful.  We do see each other, but usually in another part of the state, but today was the day and we had lunch at a little sandwich shop in Fig Gardens.  It was kind of cold, but decided to seat outside (mostly because there was no room indoors), but it was nice, I kept my coat on and the sun was shining 😉


After lunch I headed to Coldwater Creek and, oh boy, they are having a great sale!

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Fermin and I got to Nashville in time to go out and have dinner.  We stayed at the Homewood Suites in downtown Nashville.  The concierge at the hotel was Santa Clause, with a real beard and a hat, he suggested to have dinner at The Standard Restaurant at The Smith House which was within walking distance from the hotel.  The Smith House is the only surviving grand townhouse from Nashville’s elegant 1840’s era.  What a beautiful place.  If you are ever in Nashville, try and have lunch or dinner there.

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I told Fermin “Good thing I don’t mind eating out”.  The way we live our lives, we eat out so much that you would think I would mind, but I don’t, and if I ever get close to feeling that way I wait a couple of days and then I’m ready to eat out again.

I order the Spaghetti and Meatballs, replaced the spaghetti with the whole wheat linguine and I am able to stay with my Weight Watchers Plan.

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We were on our way to San Diego and received a call “Come joing us for dinner in Old Town”  so we did.  We had dinner with 3 amazing couples.  We knew Richard and Noemi Vera, and we got to meet Pastor and Mrs. Tec and their son and daughter in law.  Pastor Manuel Jesus Tec was kidnapped in Tijuana and had just been released after 11 days in captivity.  The scars of his torture were evident.   We thank God for his release. Please continue to pray for Pastor Tec and his family.  “Thank you Lord, for you are with us even in the midst of suffering”

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